Emily in So Flo Season 2 | Episode 4 | Featuring Medical Device Expert Jose Cabrera

Welcome to today’s episode of Emily in So Flo – Season 2, Episode 4!

This week we have a special guest, a subject matter expert on medical devices and the testing that needs to be done prior to those devices that go on the market. We are excited to have our first guest this week.

Emily asks Jose, “What does it take to get a medical device in a surgery center, such as South Florida Same Day Surgery Center?”

Medical Device Expert Explains Different Classes

Jose replies, ” So, depending on the types of medical devices we are talking about, there are all kinds. There’s low risk 1, which the FDA calls class 1 devices. And there are those that are at higher risk devices that the FDA calls class 3 devices. When you think of an ambulatory surgery center like this one you have to think of which are the high risks devices that you are using and the rigger that these devices have to go through, not just through the FDAs review but also through clinical practice and testing, and then maybe you have to train these doctors to use these devices. It’s contingent upon the ambulatory surgery center to be familiar with these devices and have proper training and for those who are using them.”

Emily” Jose this is our newest piece of equipment. We purchased a refurbished Olympus set up for endoscopies and some bariatric procedures. So, what is the risk of brining in a new piece of equipment into a surgery center? “

Buying New Equipment in a Surgery Center per Medical Device Expert

Jose” Well, for one, no one should be buying a piece of equipment without knowing they are going to use it for. Obviously this machine belongs here because of the types of surgeries that you have and those surgeons that are using this equipment have been trained and will continue to be trained to ensure proper use. Because even though this device isn’t really risky in itself, the use of it or the incorrect use of it can cause serious injury and harm.”

Emily” Thank you so much Jose for joining us today for episode 4 of Emily in So Flo. Thank you so much audience for watching please like and subscribe to our YouTube channel the link is below. Also, you can find all of Jose’s information on the link below. We will see you next week.”

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