Charting the Ascendance of ASC Chain

Charting the Ascendance of ASC Chain

ASC chains are undergoing significant consolidation, leading to the emergence of several key trends and statistics. Here are ten crucial figures that provide insights into the state of ASC chains:

In terms of the number of ASC centers, the industry’s biggest players include United Surgical Partners International (USPI) with over 475 centers, SCA Health with 320 centers, and AmSurg with 256 centers, among others. These large ASC chains are reshaping the landscape of outpatient surgical care.3

Strengthening Healthcare Services through ASC Chains

When it comes to the number of affiliated physicians, USPI leads the way with over 11,000 physicians, followed by SCA Health with 9,200 physicians and Surgery Partners with 4,600 physicians. The significant number of affiliated physicians underlines the strategic importance of these chains in providing comprehensive healthcare services.

According to a report by VMG Health, the number of ASCs under the partnership of national operators increased from 1,752 in 2021 to 1,804 in 2022. This indicates a continued trend of consolidation and collaboration within the industry.

Despite the growth of ASC chains, approximately 70 percent of ASCs remain independent as of 2022. This suggests that while consolidation is a prominent trend, a significant portion of ASCs continues to operate independently.

Dominance and Diversity: The Dynamic Landscape of ASC Chain

Over the past decade, ASC chains such as USPI, AmSurg, SCA Health, HCA Healthcare, and Surgery Partners have collectively added approximately 511 centers to their portfolios. This reflects the aggressive expansion strategies of these major players.

Despite the growth of ASC chains, they still represent around 22 percent of the ASC market. This statistic highlights the diversity and fragmentation within the industry, with many smaller ASCs also contributing to patient care.

USPI’s remarkable growth is evident as its portfolio of ASCs has expanded by 116 percent since 2011, surpassing the number of ASCs held by AmSurg in 2019. This underscores USPI’s dominant position in the industry.

Financial Fortitude: ASC Chains’ Prosperity and Resilience

In the second quarter of 2023, USPI reported impressive operating revenue of $942 million, indicating the financial strength of major ASC chains.

Optum, the parent company of SCA Health, achieved a remarkable 25 percent increase in revenue in the second quarter, reaching $56.3 billion. This demonstrates the financial stability and growth potential of ASC chains.

Surgery Partners reported second-quarter revenue of $667.6 million, marking an 8.5 percent year-over-year increase. This growth reflects the resilience and success of ASC chains in the evolving healthcare landscape.

These statistics collectively depict the dynamic and evolving nature of ASC chains in the United States. As consolidation continues and major players expand their reach, ASCs are playing an increasingly significant role in delivering outpatient surgical care and reshaping the healthcare industry.

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