Hospitals Closing Services Lines

Hospitals Closing Services Lines: The Potential Impact on ASCs

Hospitals facing financial struggles have resulted in the closure of various service lines, leading to staff cuts and reduced services. For example, St. Mark’s Medical Center in Texas has cut staff and services including inpatient and surgical services, post-acute skilled rehab care, and its orthopedic clinic. Similarly, Astria Health in Washington has stopped offering certain cardiology services due to staffing and cost issues. These closures present an opportunity for ASCs to fill the void.

Considerations for Orthopedics and Cardiology ASCs

Given the booming specialty of orthopedics in surgery centers, the closure of St. Mark’s Medical Center orthopedic clinic could be mitigated by shifting those procedures to a nearby surgery center. Additionally, cardiology services have been identified as an emerging specialty in the ASC space. However, surgery centers taking on this case volume need to evaluate the impact on the center as a whole.

ASCs assuming this caseload must be prepared to handle the increased volume, complexity, and staffing costs. Failure to plan for this surge can jeopardize the patient experience and burden ASCs.

Increased Caseloads for ASCs due to Hospitals Closing Services Lines

Local ASCs are now inundated with cases previously performed in hospitals. The backlog of deferred cases from the pandemic has made it challenging to schedule procedures such as cataract surgery, which were typically performed in ASCs. This shortage of facilities for elective cases and scheduling emergencies has become an issue.

ASCs must be prepared to handle the influx of cases resulting from hospital closures. This may involve implementing new technologies, optimizing workflows, and hiring additional staff to ensure quality care and patient safety. Collaboration with other healthcare providers can also help distribute the caseload and prevent overwhelming ASCs.

In conclusion, the closure of hospital service lines presents new opportunities for ASCs. However, ASCs must carefully assess their capacity to manage the increased caseload and associated complexities while maintaining a positive patient experience. Collaborating with other healthcare providers ensures continuity of care and access to healthcare services for patients.

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