The Benefits of ASCs Private Equity Partnerships

The Benefits of ASCs Private Equity Partnerships

In a recent article published in Becker’s ASC Review, ASCs private equity was identified as one of the three disruptors in the outpatient surgery space, alongside supply costs and staffing shortages.

The concern raised is that private equity investors may prioritize profit over patient care, potentially not giving patients the priority they deserve. Physician owners, on the other hand, recognize that placing patient safety and quality care at the forefront leads to success. I personally agree with this statement, having worked as a clinical practitioner for 30 years. It’s important to note that private equity is a broad term, encompassing various models. Therefore, physician owners must ensure alignment of interests when considering a private equity partnership.

How ASCs Private Equity Empowers Physicians in Today’s Healthcare Landscape

Private equity offers a range of unique solutions to address the current healthcare climate, which may not be accessible to independent practitioners. These advantages can be grouped into three categories.

Firstly, a private equity partnership enables physician partners to monetize the true value of their practice at a tax-advantaged capital gains rate, typically based on multiples of the current adjusted EBITDA. This allows physicians to achieve multiple positive outcomes for themselves and their families. Younger physicians can use the proceeds to pay off education loans, reduce mortgages, or fund their children’s education. Older physicians can diversify their wealth or work towards a more secure retirement. Additionally, in the unfortunate event of disability or death, a physician’s equity value in a private equity partnership is typically higher, ensuring financial security for them and their families.

The Advantages of ASCs Private Equity Partnerships in Healthcare Management and Control

Private equity operates as a meritocracy, with compensation tied to production as a percentage of collections, reducing concerns in this regard. Being part of a well-capitalized group offers several advantages, including better prices through group purchasing and improved reimbursement rates through collective negotiation with payers. The burden of maintaining top-tier EMR, billing, marketing, IT, and ASC facilities is shared, with the private equity partner shouldering most of it.

Another advantage is that physicians no longer need to wear multiple hats and can focus on patient care, which is their primary reason for entering the medical field. Professional management by corporate executives enhances results, particularly in terms of the patient-physician relationship. Physicians can have peace of mind knowing that the practice’s stewardship is in capable hands. Regarding control, it’s essential to align with a private equity partner committed, in writing, to joint governance, with physician partner positions on the board of governors. Not all equity is equal, so it’s vital to ensure the private equity partner offers identical equity to all equity holders, avoiding any phantom equity.

How Private Equity Partnerships Bring Balance to Physicians’ Lives

Lastly, a partnership with private equity can significantly improve a physician’s lifestyle. With reduced administrative responsibilities, physicians gain more free time. Safeguards are in place against future risks and uncertainties, such as changes in reimbursement, competition from hospital systems, value-based care payments, acquisition of referral sources by larger stakeholders, and direct contracts with self-insured employers—areas where small independent physician groups lack the scale and capital to participate.

In summary, capital infusion and professional management can positively impact the patient-physician relationship and reduce stress in a physician’s life when executed in a physician-friendly manner.

The Benefits of Private Equity Partnerships in ASCs

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