Amputations and Disarticulations

Orthopedic Amputations and Disarticulations in South Florida

South Florida Same Day Surgery Center, located in the heart of South Florida. The center dedicates itself to delivering exceptional care and comprehensive surgical solutions for patients who need orthopedic amputations and disarticulations. Our highly skilled team of surgeons, nurses, and support staff is committed to providing the highest standard of patient care at our state-of-the-art facility.

What is Amputations and Disarticulations

Surgeons perform orthopedic amputations to remove a limb or disarticulations to remove a joint when medical necessity dictates. These procedures commonly address severe trauma, infections, tumors, and congenital abnormalities. Or other conditions that substantially impact the function or quality of life of the affected limb.

Orthopedic Amputations

Orthopedic amputations involve the removal of a limb, either partially or completely. Surgeons undertake these procedures when a limb incurs irreparable damage. Therefore, posing a health risk to the patient, or inflicts debilitating pain or functional limitations. Amputations can be classified as either upper extremity or lower extremity. The upper amputations involving the arm or hand, and lower extremity amputations involving the leg or foot

The goals of orthopedic amputations are to eliminate pain, prevent infection, improve mobility and function. Therefore, enhancing the patient’s overall quality of life. After the surgical procedure, healthcare providers may fit patients with prosthetic limbs to help restore mobility and function.

Orthopedic Disarticulations

Disarticulations involve the removal of a joint and its associated structures while preserving as much of the surrounding tissue as possible. This procedure allows for the removal of a limb at the joint level. Rather than higher up in the limb as in traditional amputations. Surgeons typically consider disarticulations when they prioritize preserving length and maximizing function.

Disarticulation procedures can be performed at various joints, such as the shoulder, hip, knee, or ankle. The choice of joint for disarticulation depends on factors such as the underlying condition, the level of damage or deformity, and the patient’s specific needs.

The primary objective of disarticulation procedures is to provide pain relief, maintain or improve functional ability. And optimize prosthetic fitting and function. By preserving as much of the surrounding tissue as possible, disarticulations can offer better cosmetic outcomes and improved proprioception (sense of limb position) compared to traditional amputations.

Orthopedic Amputations and Disarticulations in South Florida

Both orthopedic amputations and disarticulations are complex procedures that require the expertise of orthopedic surgeons who specialize in these fields. These surgeons work closely with patients to determine the most appropriate surgical approach, taking into account the individual’s specific condition, functional goals, and overall health. Rehabilitation and post-operative care are crucial components of the overall treatment plan to ensure optimal recovery and long-term success.

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